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PPMS 4th Annual Charity 5k and Family Fun Run

Thank you all for attending the 4th Annual Charity 5K and Family Fun Run! Check below for official race times and a link to our Facebook page for pictures of our fabulous event!

Event Description

Pre-Professional Medical Society (PPMS) is proud to announce its Fourth Annual PPMS Charity 5k and Family Fun Run. The event will consist of a 5k race and 1-mile Family Fun Run on the UCF campus beginning and ending at Memory Mall, located in front of the new UCF Arena. Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female runners. All runners will be provided with a commemorative race t-shirt and refreshments.

Race day sign-in/registration will begin at 7:00am and the 5k race will kick off promptly at 8:00am. The 1-mile Family Fun Run will follow at 9:00am and the event will be concluded with an awards presentation starting at 9:30am. Runners will have the option to interact with vendors and representatives of local businesses on memory mall at any time during the event. Children and families are more than welcome to attend!!

About Our Charity

This year, our charity project is a girl named Sam Sheridan. Sam was born with a rare disease known as epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a genetic mutation that prevents the body from creating keratin, which ultimately keeps the layers of the skin from properly attaching to each other. The smallest touch can quickly cause blisters between the epidermal and dermal skin layers, and resulting infections can be life threatening. Internal epithelial lining in the bronchi and esophagus may also be affected, compromising the full-functionality of breathing and swallowing. There is currently no available cure for EB, and treatment rests on the ability to control symptoms and prevent further complications. We are holding this 5k in hopes that the money we raise can offset many of Sam's medical bills and also help with providing essential equipment such as bandages and medical tape, products she is required to use daily. Possible complications of EB include physical deformities, sepsis, dysphasia from esophageal blistering, malnutrition, anemia, vision loss from inflammation in layers of the eye, cancer, and death. By participating in this event, you will not only have a memorable running experience, but also will be directly helping Sam with her treatment.

A quote from Sam's mother, Marybeth Sheridan explains this daily struggle. She says, "The cost of bandages alone monthly was anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000, and that does not even include medications that insurance does not cover, NOR the nutritional supplement you need to provide your child daily because they are constantly suffering from malnutrition from the loss of protein in the blisters they get every day. It also does not include the costly eye gels products to provide healthy vision due to constant corneal abrasion, nor does it include the cost of special clothes or shoes, because, after all, the slightest touch to the skin will cause it to blister. (The SLIGHTEST TOUCH)."

Results & Media

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If there are any mistakes on the results lists, or if you know the names we are missing, please let us know at ppmedsociety@yahoo.com and we will change it as soon as possible.

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Pictures of the event!
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